Charlotte moved from Scunthorpe to the Teesside Area with her young family and her partner.

When Charlotte first came to Step Forward Tees Valley she was quite withdrawn due to a lot of domestic, personal and housing issues and was not in the position to look for work due to this. She did not know the local area and apart from her family unit knew nobody. Charlotte came to an appointment with concerns around her housing as she was under threat of homelessness as her landlord had not paid the mortgage despite Charlotte paying rent on the property- the mortgage company had sent various correspondence and the eviction seemed imminent and alternative accommodation became a priority.

Charlotte did not want to stay in the area she was currently in as there were drug issues and her partner had previous drug issues which had impacted on Charlotte and her family as he had started using again, draining the family finances. Her navigator, Lou, recommended that Charlotte get support with this and contacted Eva and My Sisters Place and assured her that they would help find some support for her. Lou researched the local housing providers but Charlotte wanted to move well away from where she currently was as her partner had left her after being removed from the house due to domestic violence. Lou looked at the surrounding areas and found a private rent outside of the area which had the required bedrooms and helped Charlotte secure the tenancy.

Charlotte’s mental health, domestic issues and personal issues improved vastly and Charlotte felt that she wanted to look for work. Her daughter and grandchildren moved in to village Charlotte had located to so she felt her life would be complete if she moved into work. Her previous work history was good and Charlotte now had access to a vehicle so was less limited.

A C.V was arranged and Lou helped conduct a job search, sending vacancies over to support Charlotte around care work, catering and cleaning. Charlotte became adept and confident in her job searching skills and has managed gain part time work as a mobile domestic with a local company.