Lucy's story

At her first appointment, Lucy was very nervous and on the verge of tears. She had mental health issues which had led to her partner taking her children. Overtime Lucy began to trust her navigator, Lou, and built up a rapport with her. She was very open around her feelings - she wasn’t happy in her flat, felt isolated and was desperate to access to her children.

Working with her mental health support worker, Lucy and Lou were able to arrange for her to have limited, supervised access to her children which overtime progressed to more regular and unsupervised visits.

Her eldest son decided that he wanted to be with his mother and after lengthy mediation and court visits Ali was awarded full time care. Lucy had previously been living in a one-bedroom flat but her navigator helped her find more suitable accommodation for her and her son. With more space she was also able to have her other two children to stay at weekends.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau supported Lucy to ensure she was getting right benefits and Lou helped her apply for a grant to buy bunk beds for her children.

Lou said: “Lucy is a very different person to the one I met last December and it so pleasing to see the transformation – she is so positive and happy with her new life. Her future goal is to work or even set up a support group for people facing the issues that she faced and overcame. Lucy is inspirational. If she can do it anyone can with the right help support and direction. I firmly believe that she will achieve her dream.”