TAD Centre/Prickly Pear Bistro

Step Forward Tees Valley has welcomed the TAD Centre in Middlesbrough to our many list of wonderful employers who are helping our participants to undergo placements, ultimately preparing them to move into work in the future.

When Middlesbrough Council sold the TAD Centre in 2015, new owner Nasser Din was keen to keep using the centre as a business hub for those in the local area. Welcoming new, upcoming businesses to begin their adventures for low prices, the centre has allowed many local business to get started and ultimately thrive. Giving businesses a low, all-inclusive price has allowed possibly risky business ventures to not only begin, but to flourish and succeed. One of these businesses is the new Prickly Pear Bistro, located in the ground floor of the TAD Centre. Serving cocktails, lunches and incredible Parmo platters (we know, we’ve tasted them!), the bistro is absolutely thriving and is booked out most evenings. Turning the TAD Centre into a community hub, Prickly Pear has created a buzzing environment for local residents to enjoy and is just one of many success stories for businesses in the local area.

Hamza Din has been working with one of our delivery partners, Changing Lives, to create placements at the TAD Centre for some of our participants. Working in roles such as admin assistants and maintenance workers, our participants have been given the chance to develop vital skills needed in the workplace such as customer service, time management and organisational skills. Our participants have helped the TAD centre by redecorating the main reception area, as well as planting some greenery outside the centre. Hamza was so impressed by one of our participant’s hard work and dedication that a permanent position working at the TAD centre was offered. Hamza is also looking to have some more participants help him in the future with tasks such as gardening and working in the Prickly Pear, serving food as well as cooking and cleaning.

Hamza said “Working with Step Forward Tees Valley allows us to continue working on the TAD Centre whilst also giving back to the community.”

The rapport built between the TAD Centre and Step Forward Tees Valley means that our participants can gain valuable skills that are needed to progress into work, whilst also giving back to their local community. Businesses like the TAD Centre allow us to continue our work around supporting people into work in the Tees Valley area.