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Building your skills for a brighter future

Over the three years of the project, we will engage and support 2,500 people with complex needs (against a Big Lottery suggested target of 2,153 people) of which at least:

  • 325 people (13%) will move into education or training on leaving the programme and

  • 325 (13%) will move into employment, including self-employment, on leaving the programme. Of these, 50% will have been unemployed when they joined the programme and 50% will have been economically inactive and

  • 338 people who were economically inactive when the programme (27%) will move into job search on leaving.


We will also ensure that any participant that needs childcare to enable them to join and benefit from the programme will receive it. A participant's need for childcare support will be assessed by the navigators.



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325 people enrolled on SFTV move into education, training or learning

Our projected outcomes are:

325 people move into employment, including self employment on leaving
338 people who were economically inactive when joining the project move into job search on leaving
1,000 participants with 2+ complex needs will make positive change by September 2019 measured by progressing a minimum of two points on Outcome Star.
1,500 participants will improve their ability to access and benefit from work-related services by developing their financial and digital skills by September 2019
1,500 participants will improve their job readiness and progress to the labour market by September 2019, as measured by the Outcome Star progress tool
By September 2019, 100 local employers will better understand how to support people with complex needs to sustain employment by recognising and addressing early signs of distress