“Thank you Jane for helping me find my way, your kindness and patience will never be forgotten. I would recommend Step Forward Tees Valley to anyone”

Glynis's Story

My name is Jane and I am based in Redcar and work as a navigator on the Step Forward Tees Valley programme. Eight months ago Glynis was referred to our programme and I am her navigator.

Glynis was struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of her partner. She felt depressed, lonely, frightened and confused. Glynis had a lot going on, but her mental health was impacting on so many other areas of her life that I felt this needed addressing first.

I encouraged Glynis to make an appointment with her GP and discuss how she was feeling. Glynis felt this was a good place to start and asked me if I would go along with her. During the appointment her GP discussed the different medications and support that were available. Glynis decided that medication was the best route for her and her GP scheduled ongoing reviews in with her. With Glynis’s mental health addressed she felt ready to look at the next barrier she was facing.

Since losing her partner Glynis had found it hard to manage her finances. She stated that she felt like she’d lost control of things. I explained the benefits of a filing system and together we set up a simple folder to allow Glynis to track and manage her bills. I also contacted her debtors and arranged a manageable payment schedule. Glynis was now able to see what money she had left over after her bills and debts had been paid, which reduced stress and restored financial control. I also purchased a calendar for Glynis which she used to log appointments and manage her to do list.     

During a review Glynis informed me that she was living in squalid conditions and with her permission I referred her to the Adult Social Care Team who arranged for a community agent to help her with a house clearance. This has had a massive impact on Glynis’s life and has improved her overall wellbeing.

Addressing and working through Glynis’s depression, financial and housing worries had allowed Glynis to regain her feelings, Glynis told me she didn’t want to be lonely anymore. We discussed different groups in the area and Glynis decided with my support to go along to the women’s coffee morning. Glynis really enjoyed this group and started to go on her own.

Eight months on and the Glynis that once stood in front of me is no longer. Glynis has found her confidence as is now an active part of her community, volunteering twice a week for Age UK. She is managing her finances and housing and has even started to use a computer. Glynis continues to attend regular GP reviews and is now using her calendar to schedule catch ups with her friends.