Hannah's story

When Hannah joined Step Forward Tees Valley she was facing many barriers to finding work. Hannah had a criminal conviction; lack of self-esteem; low motivation; low confidence; money worries; no IT skills and no recent work experience.

Hannah is a single mum with three young children. At the beginning of her journey with Step Forward Tees Valley she felt stuck and was extremely concerned that her past conviction would stop her getting a job.

Hannah engaged well with her navigator and thanks to the support she gained from the programme, she learnt how to talk about her conviction face to face and in writing. She also received help to write a CV.

As Hannah’s self-esteem grew she attended a course to help boost her confidence and motivation and felt ready to look for work. For the first time in a long time she was starting to look forward to her future.

The work placement team matched Hannah with a four week work placement with Costa Coffee. Hannah impressed the manager with her confidence, motivation and commitment and was offered a 16 hour contract once her placement ended.

Hannah’s navigator helped her understand what work benefits she could claim and they also worked together to create a budget for her household costs.

Hannah’s hard work and determination have helped her to achieve her goal of getting a job and she is excited about the future.  

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