"I am community minded"


Daniel's story

"I saw an advert for Step Forward on a bus and it said it could help people who were dealing with issues. I had been doing a Youth Enterprise Initiative and was trying to transfer so I could continue moving towards employment.


I was dealing with depression. I was applying for jobs and wasn’t getting them. I was applying for retail work and I had done work experience with the British Heart Foundation.


Step Forward started working with me straight away – I started visiting the Burbank Community Centre which is close by to where I live and now I work with them. I wouldn’t have set foot in there if it wasn’t for Step Forward.


I do litter picking every Wednesday, attend events and sometimes do gardening. I enjoy it. It is helping me to get out of the house more which is good. I’m spending time with other people. Step Forward is trying to put me into a four-week proper work placement at the Community Centre and I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been going to the walking group which has improved my confidence and I’ve made many new friends.


As well as that, I’ve also completed a forklift driving course which was great. 


I have really enjoyed being part of the programme and the staff have been so welcoming and friendly.

Step Forward has definitely helped me. If I wasn’t going there, none of this would have happened. It’s really helped me and helped push me in the right direction."