“I am on the path to self employment"


Daniel's story

"I have muscular dystrophy so it’s hard for me to apply for any old job – it has to fit in around my needs and my capability.

I got referred to Step Forward as they help with that type of thing. During my meetings my navigator gave me information that I wasn’t aware of, and that was great. She was really informative.

My condition affects my mobility and I can’t do strenuous lifting, I experience fatigue and pain. I wanted to be out working. I wanted to work full time. Previously I had worked in retail and been very hands-on, but I needed to step back from that because of my health.

I had lost confidence and had lost motivation. I wasn’t feeling motivated – my condition had limited my options as to what I can do work-wise. I felt I’d been dealt a bad hand because I wanted to do stuff that I couldn’t physically do. I’d applied for the Army many years ago, but couldn’t do that now.

Step Forward help find opportunities that best fit what you are looking for and your personal needs. They helped me look at self-employment options and I went on a course to help me get ready for that. The course looked at finances, market research, demographics and all the background stuff to running a business. It made me more confident and gave me motivation – it got me asking questions and I’m now fully certified in self-employment. I’ve looked at buying and selling collectible toys on the internet and developed a business plan.

I would recommend other people to sign up for Step Forward. For me it was great being listened to and taken seriously. I wasn’t just another statistic!"