"I am enjoying getting fit"


Duncan's story

"I’ve always been confident talking to people but I had trouble with handwriting and spelling. I’d tried to get work and it’s always a knockback when you go for a job and don’t get it. I could speak to people in interviews but some companies don’t even say thank you for coming.


I was born and bred in Darlington. I went to the Job Centre and they put me in touch with Step Forward Tees Valley. I worked with Holly and she was great.


Holly helped me with job searching and helped me get involved in sport. I still have problems with handwriting and spelling, but Step Forward Tees Valley have helped with that too. I can read, but the spelling has always been a problem.


Getting involved in sport has been great. I do sport on a Monday in the Dolphin Centre. You meet people from all different walks of life, you chat and we’ve competed in tournaments so it gets you out and about too.


As well as the sports through Step Forward Tees Valley I’ve also been doing really useful courses which will hopefully help me find work such as health and safety. I’m also doing a forklift driving course and if I pass that then I’ve got opportunities to work in warehouses. I’ll have options to look at landscaping, building site work and warehouse work.


I needed help to fill in part of the forklift course. I like to try and do things for myself but Step Forward encouraged me to accept the help and I know I still need help now and again.


I’m really pleased I took part. I’m still accessing Step Forward Tees Valley and they really have helped. When I finish I will miss the team but hopefully I’ll still see people around town!"