Helen began her SFTV journey with depression, anxiety and low confidence. She was very
proactive with utilising a variety of positive coping strategies already after completing a course of
counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a talking therapy service, working with Redcar and Cleveland MIND.

Helen’s weight was having a negative impact on her body-image and self-worth; she was
determined to lose weight as one of her goals. She decided to start following a weight-loss
programme and began to steadily lose weight. Practical solutions to her self-sabotaging behaviours
were explored and Helen’s internalised weight stigma was challenged so her self-worth wasn’t so
closely linked to her weight status.

During support, Helen indicated she was still struggling with depression. The following
appointments were focused on identifying the triggers for this sudden decline in her mental
well-being. Coping strategies for the triggers were explored to build a network of preventive factors
for suicide prevention.

Once Helen returned back to a stable mood state, she commenced a self-guided module series for

self-compassion to address Helen’s critical self-talk and negative thinking which was an underlying factor for her presenting concerns. Helen started to engage with the suggested exercises in the modules and set a goal to visit a local coffee
shop on her own, to overcome her heightened anxiety and fear in these situations.

At the closing appointment, Helen confirmed she had carried out this goal twice and her anxiety
levels were lower on the second visit in contrast to the first visit. She plans to continue this goal
until she feels completely safe and comfortable in this type of environment.

Alongside her 1:1 appointments, Helen attended a floristry course and disclosed that she wouldn’t
have managed to attend the course without working on the self-compassion modules. She reported
that she felt more motivated working towards her long-term goals, she was kinder towards herself
and her mood and confidence had markedly improved.


Finally, Helen was referred into the Road to Recovery service at Redcar and Cleveland
Mind to continue working on her anxiety with a Mental Health Practitioner.