"I am more active in my community"


Roberta's story

"Before joining Step Forward Tees Valley I was being supported by a different organisation but they weren’t catering to my needs. I’m dyslexic and they weren’t able to help me with that.

Step Forward Tees Valley has helped me a lot. I’m much more confident now and they treat me really well.

I was looking for part-time work as I can’t do full-time work. I have lots of experience but had no qualifications and I had been out of work for a long time as I’d been looking after my child who has autism. He’s now living independently.

I have vision and health difficulties and so some roles are difficult for me.

Not working left me feeling quite isolated and I wanted to get involved in things which would help with my confidence. Step Forward helped me find voluntary work and I did some short courses too. I took part in the Community Heroes events and cooked for the homeless. I also had training in food hygiene and first aid.

Other things helped my confidence like the Healthy Me Confident Me course and Safe in Tees Valley’s computer course. I have updated my maths and English skills, getting certificates in both of these from the Hope Foundation thanks to Step Forward.

Since joining Step Forward I have met lots of new people and done things that have been fun but have helped me in lots of ways.

If someone was thinking about joining Step Forward I would say go for it. My partner is also joining up!"