Rob's story 

Rob had suffered serious mental health issues for seven years which had resulted in him being sectioned and his marriage had broken down. 

When he started on Step Forward Tees Valley he was hoping for a reconciliation with his wife and two daughters, as he was living alone in a flat. He did see his family but missed the interaction of a full family life. Rob's wife said that if he put things into place,  she would consider him moving back to the family home.

Rob decided to come to Step Forward Tees Valley as he had previously isolated himself and was not getting any support to move on. He spoke openly about his aspirations and what he needed to do to achieve his goal, so a plan of action was put in place.


He decided he would like to volunteer, helping others so that he could give something back and he started volunteering training with Citizens Advice. He discussed the voluntary work with his wife and she agreed to allow him back to the family home.


Rob and his wife have adopted two kittens and he feels and looks so much happier with his life. His mental health has improved and he is considering speaking to his GP to reduce his medication. He has also started to look at paid work using his new CV.