“I am gaining business experience" #iamstepforward 

Terry's story

"I went along to Step Forward to help my wife initially. She was struggling to find a job as she had just come to the country.

I am disabled and was not able to work. She signed up for Step Forward and I joined with her. It’s been pretty good!

I wanted to increase my confidence and my digital skills with computers and emailing and I discussed that with my navigator. Since then,  I’ve been on a lot of courses and I have realised that I have gained a lot of experience. I’ve completed a PC course to help my digital skills and I’m lined up for another three or four.

Step Forward has been helping me create my own board game too by putting me in touch with the right people. They’re taking my vision and are helping me take it forward. I’ve been working on it for three years and now we’re moving it forward with marketing input and creative input from artists and designers. It’s been so exciting to see that vision come to life. All of sudden it’s actually a real thing and we hope it will be published by next October.

My wife has a job so she’s left the programme and we’re still running our own jewellery business. Her work, the business and the game are keeping us all very busy!

Working with Step Forward has been a very positive experience for us both."